Jay M. Williams
Founder and Managing Partner – Consulting

Jay has been a chief technology officer and consultant to many of the Fortune 500. As a consultant he has developed a highly refined process for managing a company’s technology infrastructure, including applications, security, and network assets. Jay is a highly sought-after high performance computing architect and problem solver and has advised a number of high profile technology companies on their products. Jay is known for a rare combination of deep technology expertise, expert problem solving ability and business acumen. He is widely respected by peers and has influenced many pivotal technology consortia and industry steering groups. He regularly consults with senior technology and business executives and is frequently consulted by venture and capital investors for analyses of new technology strategies. More…

Haydn Shaughnessy
Senior Partner – Strategy

Described regularly as “one of the most refreshing thinkers on innovation,” Haydn is one of the pioneers of platform and ecosystem thinking and global disruption and an expert in digital transformation. He helps leaders understand the disruptive power of platforms and ecosystems in reshaping markets and enterprises.

His latest book “FLOW” is a how-to guide to innovating in the modern organisation paced with 200 pages of illustrations and step-by-step guides to digital transformation.

His second book, “Shift,” is a leader’s guide to the platform economy, described by Forbes as “everything you need to know about digital transformation.” It describes how platform disruption happens and how to anticipate and respond positively.

His first book “The Elastic Enterprise” – one reviewer called it “a must read for companies facing digital transformation” – looks at how stellar companies prospered during the recession and after by pioneering the platform model. It is the first and simplest introduction to platform and ecosystem business models that are now revolutionising finance, mobile, transport, travel, pharma and more.

Haydn works with some of the major players in finance, financial infrastructure, innovation, and research covering disruption planning, innovation, AI, blockchain and distributed ledger systems and future payments paradigms.

He was formerly Chief Editor of Innovation management. He has written for the Wall Street Journal,, Harvard Business Review, Irish Times, Times, GigaOM, and many other newspapers and magazines. More…

Kimberly Hatch
Managing Partner – Operations

Kimberly is a well respected consultant for Fortune 500 enterprises and SMBs across the Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing industries. She has designed and implemented new business models, IT and technology strategies, business processes and digital products. Kimberly is also a successful leader of product development and engineering teams, delivering both new products into new markets and innovative features to large customer bases. Her areas of expertise include user experience, SaaS and mobile apps, security, ecommerce, analytics, big data and artificial intelligence.

As a passionate believer in thinking big, starting small and scaling fast, Kimberly’s entrepreneurial spirit drives her to continuously work with, and invest in, startups with compelling use cases. More…