The good news: we are living in a smarter, autonomous, data-driven world
that is ripe with incredible opportunities.

The bad news: Even unicorns can kill you.

The other bad news: Data is the new oil and everyone wants yours.

We help Global 2000 enterprises survive and thrive in the harsh, ever-changing environment at the convergence of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Big Data.

  • Identifying how best to reap the rewards of innovation
  • Breaking down silos of information
  • Building openness and integration between business processes and systems
  • Reducing friction between buyers and sellers
  • Resolving issues with identity management, supply chains, governance, and globalization

Our Services include:

  • Strategic Consulting – Enterprise Architecture, Product Design & Development, Virtual CTO
  • Software Engineering – Project Management, Rapid Prototyping, Agile Development & Launch, Support & Maintenance
  • Software as a Service – AI & Blockchain platforms using Big Data & Analytics
  • Thought Leadership – Technology Exploration & Research, Executive Education

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