A Very Successful Start!

We were so pleased to participate in the inaugural Austin Forum of 2018!

January 14, 2018

Our events enable leaders and experts to share ideas and information that elevate everyone’s awareness, understanding, and motivation to learn, collaborate and contribute new ideas and innovation. We certainly started out 2018 with a bang in this regard. Much thanks to Jay Williams and Haydn Shaughnessy for their information, insights, and inspiration. (Jay Williams may have a second career possibility in stand-up comedy, though the tech world cannot afford to lose his deep expertise and experience!) Their joint presentation generated much interest and many kudos, and probably inspired many of you to read Haydn’s thought-provoking, visionary books. (I purchased “Shift” and “Flow,” and have started “Shift” already—highly recommended!)


Jay Boisseau, Ph.D.
Director and Founder
The Austin Forum on Technology & Society

Read Jay Boisseau’s full post: http://austinforum.org/thanks-successful-start-2018/

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